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reveurdelove678's Journal

25 February
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I'm 23 years old with an old soul, a teenagers face, and a childs heart. I love having fun with my nieces, and my pets. I love to cook and play video games, I will try anything once! Except boys *gag* Did I mention I'm a lesbian? Hah! I'm a pretty down to earth person, I'm a good listener too, I love listening to people tell me stories. I love anything gothic, like old gothic, not the "I'm a goth, I'm depressed, kill me now" kinda crap, but the medieval kinda goth. I'm very into the wiccan religion, again not the devil worshiping kind, but the earthy kind. I'm a hopeless romantic too. My Favorite colours are black, blue, purple, brown, and green. Favorite video game is The Legend Of Zelda, aaaand I think that about does it. Anything else you can ask me :-)